League Rules Added To Website


2018 Singles Knockout

Another player-filled singles event was played at Varne Boat Club for the second year running. A 40 strong crowd turned up for the event and some great games were played across the board. After a windy but pleasant evening, the 40 came down to 4 and two great semi-finals were played on the home piece at Varne in front of the remaining players who had stayed to watch. Rob Thomas from The Bell was looking for his second consecutive final but couldn’t come up with the goods against John Simpson from The Smogs who played some fine Petanque, whilst Brendon Doughty also from The Bell had a great semi with all the luck going his way again Tom Thumb from the Pub 31. The final match up between Brendon and John ended up with a 9-4 win to The Bell man, with both players throwing some great boules and both could’ve been worthy winners in a great-to-watch final which rounded off a brilliant night.
Thank you all for coming and we hope to see you all at the doubles at The Pipes on 10th July.

2018 Season Begins

As winter comes to an end and we roll into spring we are all getting ready to dust off our boules and prepare for the new season of petanque. The new season is set to get underway in early May, fixtures are now updated on the respective league tabs. Contacts list has been updated from last year.

Good luck to all in the new season!

2017 Season Ends

Another successful season of the Cinque Ports Area Petanque Leage has come to an end. Unfortunately weather killed off the Doubles Tournament that was to be played at Lydd Golf Club, but the Single Competition was a great success, newly located at Varne Boat Club. Below is a comprehensive list of the winners for the season.

Singles Winner 2017: R. Thomas. Cock B.
Runner-up 2017: D. Bartholomew. Rye Harbour Holiday Park .

C P A Petanque Tuesday A League 2017
League winners: Tenterden Club. A.
Beer game winners: Tenterden Club. A.
Runners-up: Warren B.
Individual winner: V. Serra. Tenterden Club. A.
Ladies Winner:. H. Clover. Fat Ox A.
C P A Petanque Tuesday B League 2017
League Winners :. Warren Inn.A
Beer game winners: Dolphin A.
Runners-up: Dolphin A.
Individual winner: N. Elliott. Warren Inn.
Ladies winner: R. Coombe. Dolphin B
C P A Petanque Tuesday C League 2017
League Winners. Cock. B.
Beer Round Winners: Camber Castle.
Runners-up: Camber Castle.
Individual Winner: R. Banister. White Hart .
Ladies winner: . C. B. Martin-Lewis. Inkerman Rejects.
C P A Petanque Tuesday D League 2017
League Winners: Two Sawyers.
Beer Round Winners: Two Sawyers.
Runners-up: Millers Arms A.
Individual Winner: P Clifford. Two Sawyers / M Judd. William the Conqueror.
Ladies Winners: J. Glazier. Queens.
C P A Petanque Tuesday E League 2017
League Winners:. Royal Oak.
Beer Round Winners: Royal Oak
Runners-up:. White Dog A.
Individual Winner: K. Matthews. Rainbow Trout
Men’s Winner P Lambert. Royal Oak .
C P A Petanque Wednesday League 2017
League Winners: Horntye Park
Beer game winners: Horntye Park
Runners-up: Queens
Individual winner: P. Turner. Queens
Ladies winner: . M Millls . Queens


2017 Season Begins

Hello and welcome to the new, un-official, website for the Cinque Ports Area Petanque League. On here you will find fixtures, contact lists and hopefully up-to-date league tables and results!

I found that with our Pool League having a website which you can quickly access is a lot less time consuming than having to traipse through emails looking for the last update on scores, or where you’re playing next. I understand Dennis puts a lot of time and effort into running the League, so I have offered to set up and run the website and update this myself and hopefully it will all be in keeping with the results 🙂

Good Luck!